FEMA Public Assistance

FEMA Public Assistance

Public Assistance provides financial grants for public and non-profit clients. Recovery dollars often include debris removal, demolition, and reconstruction costs. BASE Tactical provides project management services, claim preparation and consulting services to help clients secure FEMA obligations and reimbursements. Our experience enables us to offer the most effective and comprehensive services for FEMA Public Assistance applicants.

The FEMA Public Assistance process is challenging to every applicant and sub-applicant. Without proper procurement procedures, extensive documentation, and careful interpretation of  FEMA guidelines, clients risk losing significant dollars.  BASE Tactical assists clients with recommendations for procurement, document controls, pay applications, change orders, and close out packages. The need to follow FEMA guidelines is critical to securing full reimbursement of obligated funds while mitigating exposures from future GSA audits.

During the Public Assistance process, clients have opportunities to maximize reimbursable dollars by applying a damaged facility estimate to one (or more) of the following definitions:

Hazard Mitigation: the ability to ‘harden’ the facility from future catastrophic events.

Codes and Standards: reconstructing damaged facilities and upgrading to building codes which were in force at the time of the disaster.

50% Rule: calculations which determine if a facility is more than 50% damaged, as compared to replacement cost. Facilities in excess of 50% damaged are demolished and a new facility is rebuilt.

Permanent Reconstruction:  A facility which exceeds the 50% Rule may be requested to be moved to a new location in order to protect the investment from future catastrophic events.

Improved Project: the ability to make changes in the reconstruction of a damaged facility using Public Assistance grant funds and applicant’s funds.

Alternate Project: an opportunity to use a Public Assistance grant obligation for other eligible projects.

BASE Tactical has worked with clients to strategize and successfully secure funds for all of these unique Public Assistance opportunities.