Historic Flood of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

On June 13, 2008, massive flooding devastated the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, leaving homes and buildings submerged in level 3 black water floods. The damage from these floods made this event the fifth-largest natural disaster in U.S. history, as defined by the amount of public assistance made available by FEMA.

The damaged facilities posed unique circumstances which required specific logistical considerations, building assessments, vendor relations, contract management, historical property concerns, environmental considerations and customized project-management strategies. BASE Tactical learned about each facility and the departments affected by the damage, and helped to create strategies in order to achieve maximum efficiencies in operations and redevelopment. We functioned as a consultant providing the necessary support by allowing our clients to manage the areas they know best, while limiting our staff to specific needs. We further worked to improve communications between departments, directors, stakeholders, the city manager and common council.